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H-D Nightster + Roland Sands

May 4, 2022

Hello and welcome once again to Ultimate Motorcycling’s weekly Podcast—Motos and Friends.

We’ve been astonished by the audience our little show has garnered so far—in fact after a little over one year of doing this we’ve just crossed over 3 Million downloads. That’s amazing, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for tuning in and listening to our drivel …er I mean carefully crafted entertainment.  We love hearing your feedback, so please feel free to leave comments on the Ultimate Motorcycling Facebook page, or of course you can email us at

This week’s Podcast is brought to you by Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha is highlighting the YZF-R7 that launched a few months ago. It’s a great mid-level option sports machine that gives the perfect balance between rider comfort and true supersport performance.

The Podcast is also brought to you by Schuberth Helmets.

This week’s episode features Senior Editor Nic de Sena’s impressions of the new Harley-Davidson Nightster. This is one of the new generation of the iconic Sportster range and it features the Revolution Max 975T liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine. This new gen bike manages to bring the latest tech to the Sportster, without losing that retro-cool that is so much a part of every Harley-Davidson.  

In the second segment we chat with another motorcycle industry icon – Roland Sands. Roland is legendary for his custom designs and of course now for his racing exploits with his team in the Hooligan class. Roland’s resume is too long and varied to go into here, so please listen in and get a small inkling into what makes him such a legend. He’s actually going to be the guest of honor at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering on May 14th, so if you feel like a trip to the gorgeous Quail Hotel in Carmel Valley, you’ll get to meet Roland and see some stunning motorcycles too. The link for tickets is here in our show notes.

From all of us at Ultimate Motorcycling, thanks again for tuning in please enjoy this latest episode!

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