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Indian Rogue + Brian Slark Pt3 w Neale Bayly

May 25, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to Ultimate Motorcycling’s weekly Podcast—Motos and Friends. My name is Arthur Coldwells.

This week’s Podcast is brought to you by Yamaha motorcycles. Filling the gap between the entry-level R3, and the flagship superbike R1, Yamaha’s YZF-R7 is a brilliant supersport machine that provides real performance—perfectly balanced with rider comfort. Check it out at, or of course you can see it for yourself at your local Yamaha dealer.

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This week, Senior Editor Nic de Sena gives us his impression of the outrageously cool-looking new Indian Scout Rogue.  The Rogue features a larger front wheel among several other changes, and the bobbed-looks and excellent 100 horsepower motor make the Scout Rogue an interesting—and very real—competitor to the offerings from Milwaukee.  

In the second segment Neale Bayly brings us the third and final segment from Brian Slark—the man who helped bring Norton motorcycles to America. Having spent 27 years and counting at the Barber Museum in Birmingham Alabama, Brian talks us through the final part of his career, that of course includes how the museum got started and where it’s going.   

From all of us here at Ultimate Motorcycling, we hope you enjoy this episode!