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New Aprilia Tuonos + Dave Donald

August 11, 2021

This week we step it up a bit in the horsepower stakes, taking a look at Aprilia’s new Tuono for 2022. Nic de Sena had a chance to ride both models around the roads of Southern California. They’re a little different from each other for 2022, and the choice to re-focus one of the Tuonos is an interesting one.

In the second segment I chat with an old friend of mine—Dave Donald. He’s been a friend of mine for… yikes… around 20 years—and he’s been riding for way longer than that. Dave has always been good for a laugh, and in this episode he doesn’t disappoint.  

So settle in, check out the chats, and please send us your feedback if you feel like it. I hope you enjoy this episode!