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Suzuki V-Strom 1050 DE + Scott Casey - Living with PTSD and the Rolling Barrage

September 21, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome once again to Motos and Friends, a weekly Podcast brought to you by the editorial team at Ultimate Motorcycling. 

My name is Arthur Coldwells.

The new Suzuki V-Strom DE has just been announced, and Avery Innis, Training and Publications Manager from Suzuki Motor USA, is just the expert to explain its nuances to us. The V-Strom has always been a superb, yet inexpensive platform, and the new DE variant gets more serious about ADV riding. I find out from Avery whether the new upgrades are worthwhile; and the place that the new V-Strom has in the current market.   

Our second segment covers a subject that’s a little more serious than usual.

Many veterans and first responders suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aka PTSD.

Scott Casey—himself a sufferer—decided to try and help his fellow vets, and started a cross-Canada charity ride in 2016 called the ‘Rolling Barrage’. It was—and is—incredibly successful. 

It’s not just a tremendous ride. The Rolling Barrage is a place for like-minded sufferers and their supporters to ride together. They get some serious “wind therapy” whether it’s on just a stop, or a leg of the ride, one day, a weekend, or even the whole ride. Scott opens up with Associate Editor Teejay Adams about his personal history, and how he came to create such a brilliant and worthy real-world event that truly helps. 

The Rolling Barrage is a supportive network of brothers and sisters. To quote Scott Casey:  “this is the family you never knew you had”.

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It was a Nation exploding into civil war. In 1992, the collapse of the former Yugoslavia triggered an international armed conflict that would last more than 3 years and eventually see nearly 100,000 people killed. Canadians were thrown into what was declared a peacekeeping mission, but it wasn't. They were going well beyond the rules of engagement that were provided by the UN. Told by Scott Casey, Former Canadian Peacekeeper.